Titanic Facts

Was the Titanic Cursed?

Many of you beleve the Titanic was cursed. I don't belive it for one second.The such thing has curses don't (I hope) exist.She was mearly a Ship with a small rudder that couldn't turn fast enough when faced with a problem.Sorry to upset anyone!

But can you E-mail me and confirm, did she really carry a eygptian mummy?

What Angle Did she sink at?

Most people now belive sank at a 12-16 degree angle
then when she broke in two(just aft of the 3rd funnel)the stern went at a 70 degree angle before sliding below.

The most beautiful song

This song is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.
It was sung by Celine Dione (sorry about spelling) for the film TITANIC with Leo and Kate.
I sad to say I can't play it on my website but if you know how PLEASE E-mail me

Sadly the Titanic Is disintergrating.
Some say by 2070 the stern section will all but of disappered (except a bit of the recipicating engines) and the bow would of started to collapse.
By 2085 all that would be left would be a Iron ore deposite and a few artifacts on the sea bed.

A sad end to possibley the greateset liner in the world

The Fate of Titanic

Iceberg ahead, HARD A STARBOARD
Bow on..........A sad reminder she won't be here forever